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Review Projects

In keeping with our Terms of Service, all projects on Gratipay are subject to a review process when they first apply, and as needed thereafter. Review happens in public in the project-review repo.

To help review projects, watch the repo. Anyone who thinks that a project does not belong on Gratipay has to make a case publicly on GitHub, and we have to leave enough time for the community to weigh in before rejecting a project. Chad Whitacre has the final say. You're also welcome to add feedback in favor of a project being approved.

Projects with no objections can be tagged with either approve-7-days (if this is the owner's first project application) or approve-3-days (if the owner already has one or more approved projects.

The only way to find out if a project will be approved is to apply for a project. We don't answer, “Will you accept foo?” questions apart from the actual project application process.

Note: Issues in project-review before December, 2016 had more stringent requirements, explained in the previous version of this document. See also: “Gratipocalypse” and “Gratipay 2.0”.

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