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Handle Terms Violations

Gratipay users and contributors, law enforcement and other organizations, and the public may report potential violations of our terms and conditions using any of our contact methods.

When we receive a new report of a terms violation, create an issue in the violations repo. Only “Safety” and “Payday Runners” GitHub team members will be able to do this, because they're the only ones with access to that repo. If you don't have permission there, then email instead.

Conduct an investigation using the ticket, reaching a decision about whether to suspend the user's account. Involve the user, lawyers, and law enforcement as appropriate. In the event that we suspend an account, notify the user in question privately via email if possible (see 3059). Don't discuss the matter publicly, because that would violate the privacy of the user we're investigating. Like the FBI, the Gratipay Bureau of Investigation (GBI!) takes in information but doesn't give it out.

Right now is_suspicious is the only real tool we have to suspend accounts, so use that (but see 2992 and 3058).

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