Inside Gratipay

This is Gratipay's internal company portal. First time here? Welcome! Start at the top. :-)

Download Statements

During the first week of every month, download financial statements for the previous month. Create a new year/month directory under logs/statements, place files in there, and then commit and push them together.


  1. Log on to PNC.
  2. Select "Gratipay Operations" in the list of accounts.
  3. Click "Online Statements".
  4. Confirm that the "Statement for the period ending" dropdown shows the desired month.
  5. Click "Print Statement" (with a PDF icon).
  6. Save the PDF as pnc.pdf
  7. Move the PDF into the new year/month directory.
  8. Click "Account Activity".
  9. Under "Posted Transactions > Search", set the date range to the desired month (dates are inclusive).
  10. Use the "Export" dropdown to download all four available formats (QFX, QBO, OFX, and CSV).
  11. Move the files to pnc.{qfx,qbo,ofx,csv} in the new year/month directory.
  12. Log out of PNC.

New Alliance

  1. Log on to New Alliance.
  2. Select "Gratipay Escrow" under "Overview > Balances".
  3. Click "History Search".
  4. Set the date range for the desired month (dates are inclusive).
  5. Click "Search".
  6. Click "Export Transactions".
  7. Check the "Select/Reset All Displayed Records" box.
  8. Export both QIF and CSV formats.
  9. Move the files to new-alliance.{qif,csv} in the new year/month directory.
  10. Log out of New Alliance.
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