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Wrong: "Hey, I've got this technology available. Where can I use it?"

Right: "Here's the experience I want my users to have. How do I deliver it?"

In tooling decisions, we find a trade-off between control and convenience. We err on the side of control. Yes, we could use Django or Rails with their ecosystem of convenient plugins and ORMs. Instead, we use Aspen and PostgreSQL, because that gives us more control. Yes, that also makes us responsible for the bugs in Aspen and, but it's worth it to us for the increased control.

Another take: Technology is a stack, and any user of technology parks at a place on the stack. Below where you're parked, everything is a black box. Above where you're parked, everything's a white box. Where you park is a function of which other pieces of technology you trust to be your black box.

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