Inside Gratipay

This is Gratipay's internal company portal. First time here? Welcome! Start at the top. :-)


Gratipay has been called “sweetly idealistic” (Elizabeth Weiss, The New Yorker) and we've been accused of “unabashed optimism” (@traverseda, on GitHub). Yes! 😃  👍  💸  💸  💸  💸  💸  💃  🌻

Logo Files

Gratipay Heart Coin Gratipay Logo

Gratipay Heart Coin (Black and White) Gratipay Logo (Black and White)


See here for backstory on our current color palette.


Heart Coins

The Gratipay logo is called the “heart coin,” and we have a metal punch that makes real-life heart coins. We had it made for PyCon 2013. It was a hit! Then it got ruined but we had it resharpened.

Later we made a 7-foot heart coin for a parade in Ambridge! It also appeared at our second retreat. Here's a video of the parade:


Gratipay is pronounced like gratitude. Gratitude. Gratipay.


Here are the main channels (besides our main site) that we use to communicate as a brand, as Gratipay:

Here are the profile and banner images we use:



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